Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kindness Leads to War

Story from 1 Chronicles 19:1-8

Nahash, the king of Ammon has died. Nahash had shown kindness to David when David was fleeing from Saul. David sent messengers to Nahash's son, Hanun, to send condolences. Hanun's advisors convince him that David's gesture of kindness is a ruse. They tell him that the true purpose is to scout out the land for an attack. Hanun's response is to publicly humiliate the messengers by shaving half their beard and stripping their pants publicly. When David hears this he has the men wait to return until they are restored. Ammon prepares for battle.

Isn't it sad how acts of kindness and love can be reframed into causing pain? And once the path starts, sometimes it cannot be easily changed. A gesture of kindness leads to a war that causes much damage to Ammon.

Can you think of times that this has happened to you?  Where someone's act of kindness was misread and caused issue?  Be watchful, the enemy will wear many faces....